Progressive Insurance in Chicago

The advantage of purchasing auto insurance from an independent agent is that drivers can ensure that they will have a policy that is tailored specifically to meet their needs, and it’s one advantageous way of purchasing Progressive Insurance in Chicago. Chicago drivers can seek the services of an insurance agent that works for one insurance company, but an independent insurance agent would be able to offer quotes and products from Progressive as well as many other companies.


Chicago Progressive Insurance


What Is the Independent Agent’s Job?

Independent agents will perform a lot of the work for their clients. For example, some drivers may need to have higher limits on their liability coverage. If they engage the services of independent agents, the agents obtain a quote from Chicago Progressive Insurance and several quotes from other companies. Then, they present these quotes to their clients who choose the best options. This makes it possible for Chicago drivers to have everything they need in an insurance policy at the most advantageous price.

How Much Insurance Does One Need in Chicago?

In Chicago, before people can drive their vehicles, they need to purchase a liability insurance policy. In the event that Chicago drivers cause a collision, they will need to pay the medical bills for everyone they injure. In Chicago, this means that they will need to have at least $20,000 available in their liability policies for one person’s medical bills. If more than one person is injured, the policy will need to cover everyone’s medical bills in at least the amount of $40,000.

Chicago drivers who cause car collisions are also required to take financial responsibility for the property they damage. The property damage liability coverage in their policies will be able to provide $15,000 to pay to have any damaged property repaired or replaced.

Purchasing More Auto Insurance Coverage

The above insurance limits are considered to be very low, but they are acceptable for some people. However, drivers who seek Progressive insurance in Chicago will be able to consult with their independent agents who will analyze their situations and inform them if they need to purchase more coverage. The fact is that people who seek Chicago Progressive insurance see the amount that they are paying for their auto insurance coverage drop by hundreds of dollars when they seek their coverage in this manner. More importantly, they can receive a quote in about six minutes.