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Lombard Insurance

Lombard, Il is a suburb of Chicago in DuPage County, Illinois.  It is referred to as “The Lilac Village”.  According to the United States Census Bureau, it had an approximate population of 42,975 in 2004.  Residents of Lombard, IL are referred to as “Lombardians”.

Health Care & Lombard IL Health Insurance

According to the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), the air quality in Lombard is poor.  It has a score of 19 on a scale of 100 (higher being better).  The water quality is 48 on a scale of 100 (USA average is 55).  There are 389 physicians per capita in Lombard, IL, which is much higher than the USA average of 169.7.  For more information on Lombard IL Health Insurance , please contact our office, or fill out a free health insurance quote online.

Factors that influence Lombard IL Auto Insurance Rates

One of the variables that affect your insurance rates is the geographic area that you live and drive in.

In Lombard, IL, there were 3 fatal accidents in 2007 involving 4 fatalities.  Lombard, IL is almost equal to the Illinois State average of fatal accidents per 100,000 population.

Lombard, IL residents drive their cars frequently.  A majority of residents drive alone to work (80.56%), 7.52% carpool, 6.27% take public transit, and 2.65% work from home.  The average commute time to work is 31.2 minutes (USA average = 25.1 minutes).

In Lombard, IL, 5% of households do not own a car.  35.8% own 1 car, 40.3% own 2 cars, and 18.9% own 3 cars or more.

To find out exactly what you would have to pay for auto insurance in Lombard, IL, please fill out one of our free online auto insurance quote forms.

Do you Need Renters Insurance in Lombard, IL?

In Lombard, IL, 24.80% of residents are renters.  It is very important to make sure your contents are covered if you are a renter. It is very inexpensive coverage.  The median rent paid in Lombard is $961/month.  To find out how you can get renters insurance coverage, please fill out one of our free online renters insurance quote forms.

Factors that affect Lombard, IL Home Insurance costs

Frequently, weather of a particular region affects home insurance costs.  For example, homes near the ocean are priced higher due to higher changes of floods.  Similarly, areas with more temperate weather conditions are not exposed to those risks and may have more affordable home insurance rates.  Illinois currently ranks 30 out of all states for the highest home insurance rates (1 being the highest).

The weather in Lombard, IL is generally mild.  It gets 36 inches of rain each year, which is close to the US average of 37.  This means residents may not be as prone to issues like flooding when compared to other areas.  Lombard also gets 33 inches of snowfall a year.  This is above the US average of 25.  There are 189 sunny days in Lombard per year and in July, the temperature usually reaches a high of 86 degrees.  The low in January is 14 degrees.

Another factor affecting home insurance rates is the value of the home that you are insuring.  In Lombard, IL, the median home value is $260,800.  This is higher than the US average of $181,800.

To find out how much it would cost to insure your home, fill out one of our free online home insurance quote forms.

Lombard Insurance

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