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Everyone needs life insurance. Whether you are single or married life insurance is an important aspect of your financial plan. If you have a family, a good life insurance policy will help provide the comfort of financial help during a time of loss. Our team of professionals will help you determine which type of life insurance would be best suited for you and your family. We want you to be certain that you have made the best choice for your loved ones.

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Different types of Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance – This type of life insurance provides the individual coverage for a fixed number of years. This policy does not usually accrue additional values that the owner can withdraw or that increase the death benefit.

Permanent Life Insurance – This type of life insurance provides continuing coverage for the individual’s entire life instead of a set number of years. This type of life insurance may accumulate values that the owner can remove or use to increase the death benefit.

Universal Life Insurance – This type of insurance is intended to provide permanent insurance coverage but has more flexibility in the premium payment. The internal rate of return is higher or lower depending on the financial market.

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